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Learn to think & trade just like Shades! You will learn everything from opening a brokerage account, trading and indicator setup , options trading, swing trading, day trading, trading strategy and system development and more!

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When you first start learning, you can become overwhelmed & intimidated by the massive amount of material that needs to be learned. With someone to guide you in your journey, you can avoid the many traps that beginners fall into and make money while learning.

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The markets are unforgiving. Joining the Discord will save YOU money & make you money*. Avoid the pain of holding a bag & the pain of losing it all. Learn from an experienced trading community.

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Beginner-friendly strategies and trading systems built from scratch and backtested by Shades. These time-tested strategies and systems allow profitability without blowing up your account!

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We focus on giving you the tools to grow your skill as a trader and eventually no longer need us but for as long as you are here, Shades his hear to offer advice, answer questions and help any way he can.

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An education can take you far, but you are going to need to put in the work to practice and reinforce the material. Experience is king. No finance degree, no amount of book reading or paper trading can prepare you and test you like the real thing. With time and effort, you too, can be profitable and capable of financial and technical analysis to the point where you no longer have to rely on anyone for profitability.

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